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Conciergerie Le Barcarès, is a personal assistance company for owners / tenants of holiday homes …. Its vocation is to simplify the life of its customers and to allow them to save time. The concept refers to services comparable to those of a concierge in an 5 star hotel, responsible for finding a solution to all practical concerns, rather than to a concierge of a building that traditionally only deals with the common parties and postal things.

Services offered to Owners / Tenants:

  • Help with the seasonal rental of your property (advertising, info, etc …)
  • Departure / arrival of your clients: in English, French, German, Dutch (Spanish)
  • Small housework (changing lock, assembling furniture, finding the material in the store with my truck, etc …)
  • Presence at your home when a technician or workmen do there job
  • Gardening work (cutting branches, removing waste, etc …)
  • You are not home: I collect your mail, open the shutters, water your plants, feed your animals, I check the house after a storm and contact your insurance if neccesary

Special services for Tenants:

  • Tips for outings: sightseeing, restaurants, mountain biking, hiking, windsurfing spots
  • An unforeseen dinner with friends, you arrive in the night, I do the shopping and put everything in your fridge
  • Child care in your home while you are at the restaurant / movie /li>
  • No time to drop your clothes at the dry cleaner or your shoes at the shoemaker, I collect your belongings at home and carry them to your usual service provider. Then I go back and pick them up

The list of services is not limited, we also offer computer services, both repair / cleaning virus and any assistance in general.

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